Glow Shooter

Developer: Belugerin Games
Site: Belugerin
Genre: Shooting
Size: 5.53 MB

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A top-down arcade shooter with many weapons and upgrades.

Galactic invaders from planet Ludos are determined to take over the Earth by means of total destruction. Get rid of these unwated guests by dealing with many waves of enemy ships. Defeat the final boss to save the Earth!

Game Features:
5 type of weapon upgrades: 2 guns, 3 guns, 4 guns, 5 guns, 5 guns + missiles.
5 type of unit upgrades: life, speed, damage, bomb, laser beam.
3 type of satellite upgrades: 1 satellite, 2 satellites, 3 satellites.
3 type of enemies with different behavours.
2 type of mini boss, 1 final boss, 13 zone levels.
5 type of backgrounds.


Belugerin Games