Warrior's Tribute : Eras the Elf

Programmer: Vincentius Dhimas Prabowo
Publisher: Belugerin
Site: Belugerin Studios
Genre: Action shooter
Size: 4.34 MB

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A nice day in Alvenia village... No strange thing happened in the past three years... until "that" happen... Gill Gouchester, a superior warlord of Alvenia killed the king in order to taking over the throne. that happened so fast! Violet, the princess of Alvenia saw that happen and run away to make Gill not kill her. now she must hide... Gill Gouchester, the new king, now has been change the kingdom's rule and invaded the villages that not agreed to join him. invasion begins...

Game Instructions:
Player will play as Eras Kustier, an ordinary elf from Alvenia in order to defeat superior warlord, Gill Gouchester. In order to do that, player must go through 7 different levels, with different boss in each level.

Game Control:
Click anywhere to move.
Click anywhere while holding ctrl to shoot.
Use Q, W, E, R to use potions.
Use 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or mouse scroll to change magic.
While playing, press H button to show in-game help