Zombie Terminator

Designer: Exaver, Arief Raditya
Programmer: Agung C Putro
Artist: R-Hardyanto, Tegar Ariprabowo
Composer: Tony Sugianto
Text Editor: Miguel Pro Verianto
Site: Belugerin Games
Genre: Shooting Flash Games
Size: 10.06 MB

Zombie Terminator

A dangerous experiment is run to create a super soldier. They use the dead convicts from a prison in a small island in the middle of a lake. Professor Stargaz who lead this experiment has made some mistakes which turn all the prisoners becoming deadly zombies. Only 2 persons left in the prison who are not infected and they are trying to escape from the prison and this small island. Unfortunately almost all of town nearby the lake have been infected.

Can they save themselves and also save some people who are not infected?

A, W, D, S to move.
Right Click to shoot/action.
1, 2, 3, 4 to change weapon.
Space Bar to cast grenades.
P to pause, option, save, etc.

You can collect items like ammo, health pack, weapon, key, etc from some zombies you killed or item and weapon in a room that looks shiny.


Zombie Terminator

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